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Our service offers any vehicle to have a high quality paint finish returning that new vehicle shine and soft glass like touch.

we carry many types of polish and wax, ceramic, silica glass coatings from many major brands.

by staying independent and mobile we can offer a range of products at a better price.

Andy has over 30 years in the motor trade and 15 years of detailng experience, mcws was established in 2005.

Trained in the art of detailing by ex swissvax trainer tony spears from 

auto shine specialist valeting. 

members of the professional valeters and detailers PVD

Autosmart trained with garage experience working with Mercedes-Benz, & jaguar, 

Our aim has always been to offer the highest standard at a affordable price,

we can now offer a collection and delivery service Eastbourne and local areas.
offering mobile and studio based detailing 

PREMIUM POLISHING from £175.00 to £450.00 

Machine polishing removing paint defects,swirls, scratches and fading. Making your vehicle look stunning, Enhancement polishing and minor correction Detailing 

The proces

snow foam ph netaual wash

Full exterior hand wash

towel dry / air dry

removal of tar and traffic grime

paint work clayed to remove any contamination

engine bay & wheel arches dressed to shine and seal

wheels deep cleaned using safe wheel cleaner and iron flex remover then sealed to protect

( option to remove wheels clay and seal with a wheel protector ) 

1 stage, 2 stage, 3 stage & Multiple stages of machine polishing with advanced polish 
panel wiped

   coat of quality wax

( or upgrade to a 2 /3 year ceramic coating 5h or 9h,  )

Dress all extra trims

polish windows 

chrome polished

detail spray to exterior for extra protection

final inspection

EXTRAS : interior option for a full deep clean and restore £poa.

By removing oxidation, light scratches, bird lime, water marks & swirl marks, these machine polishing options give a deeper gloss look, 

leaving an extremely glossy shiny at half the price of most other local Detailers.

 remember we have spent not hours or days or months but years perfecting the art of making your paint work glossy and swirl free.

Can be carried out as a one off but is recommended as a yearly treatment.

ceramic coatings

Not all ceramic coatings are the same there are thicker more complex ceramics that can only be applied in a controlled area needing heat to help it cure. These will be more expensive as the coating company will have to have an indoor unit to be able to apply these types of coatings and you would expect to pay around £600 to £1000 with a full correction.


We offer an alternative ceramic to these top of the range ceramics made by the same ceramic company’s. However, these are able to be applied outside at most times of the year, so if you don’t have a massive budget but still want that glossy look from ceramic then look no further.


Questions you’re probably asking.

What is a ceramic coating?

It is a very thin glass like layer that goes across your paint which protects the paint work giving it a glossy finish and longer lasting coating.

How can we offer this cheaper? 

MCWS has been machine polishing and correcting vehicle paint work for over 15 years. In the early days of correcting car paint work nearly all these companies were mobile only a few operated indoors. With nearly all of our customers requiring a mobile service we decided not to set up an indoor service but to carry on offering a great value for money mobile service, thus keeping the cost down as no unit over heads.


What ceramic do you use?

The ceramic we use is from top reputable companies. The main two we use are krypton ceramic protection and c.quartz. We have used fully tested by us on our own vehicles and have used them for many years.


What is involved in applying these coatings?

3 main stages have to be carried out before any coatings can be applied.


1st stage - Washing

2nd stage - Decontamination of the surface to remove tar, road grime and brake dust, either with a safe chemical or with clay.

3rd stage - Polishing removes any other particles and swirls in the paint work. At this stage the paint work needs to look it’s best, as the coatings being applied gives the base for how it’s going to look for the next couple of years.


Application of coating

The Cure times involved with the coatings we use is quicker and does not involve the need for heat lamps or days to fully cure. On average full cure time is within 24 hours

The result

Your car will look fabulous, have a glossy shine that is self cleaning meaning it will stay cleaner for longer, with no need to keep waxing.


On average this can be completed within a day and will cost from £275.00 


ceramic coating packages start from £275.00

give us a call to discus your fixed price quote 07871737427

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